Monday, January 26, 2015

The Year of the Dinosaur - Paleo Art Challenge 2015

A few years ago, I gave myself a challenge to complete 30 paintings in 30 days. It was a lot of fun. In recent years I have looked around for new and exciting challenges. I stumbled upon a similar exercise to do 30 days of dinosaurs drawings in 30 days, but it just didn't grab me enough. I sat on the idea for a while and as my love of painting once again blossomed, I began thinking about it again.
Recently, I have been enjoying painting birds and other things. It has been a unique challenge and a fun opportunity to paint something I had no idea I would enjoy so much. But I kept coming back to the idea of the dinosaur art challenge.
It wasn't until I painted this:
To date, this is probably one of my favorite pieces. It rekindled my love of dinosaurs and my unrealized dream of doing paleoart. While, I don't have the scientific schooling to do it officially, this is where my newest challenge idea came from. Adapt the 30 Day dino drawing challenge, drop a few categories, add some of my own and make it a new challenge.
2015 is the year I put this idea into fruition. Though a little late to start, now that it is almost February, my goal is to complete 25 paleo-themed works of art over the next year or so. It is not a race to get them done, but a challenge to make compelling art that I am proud of.
I'll never be a paleoartist, and that is okay. It leaves opportunity and time to paint so many other things (like the living dinosaurs we see flying around us everyday). And while it might be the year of the ram, 2015 is going to be the year of the dinosaur for me.

Stay tuned to this blog for work in progress images as well as postings of the finished works and where to purchase your own print. If you would like to take on my challenge as well, please feel free, you can try to do them all in a month, or spread it out. I would love to see what everyone else comes up with. This will be my challenge list:

1)A Theropod

2)A Sauropod

3)An ornithopod

4)Favorite Dinosaur

5)A maniraptoran

6)A Ceratopsian

7)An Ancient Bird

8)A feathered dinosaur (using modern bird coloring)

9)A hybrid of two dinosaurs

10)A sleeping dinosaur

11)A family group

12)Dinosaur(s) playing

13)A Synapsid

14)Courtship behavior

15)A Thyreophoran

16)A prehistoric mammal (Tertiary era)

17)Dinosaur concepts based on the Chinese zodiac

18)A dinosaur in a modern setting

19)Flying reptiles (Pterosauromorpha)

20)A pokemon-inspired dinosaur

21)A close-up

22)A fantasy-based dinosaur

23)A dinosaur and human

24)A dinosaur eating

25)Add dinos to a landscape painting

And I have already begun. Here is a sketch in progress of my first painting. It will be of a Monolophosaurus, a Chinese dinosaur discovered by a Canadian/Chinese team in 1981.

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