About Tentacle News

When I started Tentacle News I never set out with a plan or any real intent for what this blog would or wouldn't be. Never wanting to hinder myself with some rigid idea of what I could post. That being said, everything needs a little structure and atleast some reason for existing. If the blog has no purpose, why do it at all?
First I guess I should address, who is this blog even for? Who should be reading it? Well to be frank...I don't care. I have always had a desire to write. From the ridiculously stupid stories I wrote as a child, to the poetry, novels and philosophical ramblings that currently hold my attention. In short, I write for me. However, as any writer or artist will admit, we all desire to share what we create with the world. Sharing it gives it new meaning and purpose. Perhaps it will help someone else better understand us. Or it will strike a cord with someone, trigger a response and therefore help the writer actually understand everyone else a little more.
Tentacle News is a culmination of a lot of my interests. Whether it be my poetry, my fiction or even my editorial writing, part of me seeks to share that. But I am not just a writer. If anything, that part of me takes a backseat to a number of other labels I give myself. So along with the writing, TN is more about an outpouring of "things" from my own brain. I guess this somehow works with the overtly Lovecraftian theme I constantly throw around. Whether the void be dark and fear filled, or a place of quiet contemplation, I release its monsters unto the world through writing, art, and thought.
Accumulating links to things I have found that peak my interest, writings about my life as I travel and experience the world, or drawings and contemplations on my life as a practicing artist. Whether it gets read or not, Tentacle News will exist. It is merely an extension of what it is to be me.

-Jeff Powers