About Me

My name is Jeff Powers. I am a freelance illustrator, writer, poet, and experiencer of the world.
Born in southern Texas, I have always had a passion for art, honing my skills as a draftsman and painter from a very young age. After living in Canada for 11 years, I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge. After graduating from university and being forced to leave my home and adopted country behind. I set forth into the world to try my hand at surviving as an artist. It hasn't been easy. That being said, I have found a renewed passion in the the little things I love so much. My passion for reading, art, film and music grow to no end. Taking on the difficulties of life, I have found solace in my hobbies, the people I have come into contact in my life, and the bizarre chaos that is life.
Working as a freelance artist has given me opportunity to explore not only my own creative ideas, but the ideas of others. I have run the gamut from arduous business logo design, to multiple year commitments designing and drawing comics. Though I still seek the therapeutic solace of my own personal art, I have enjoyed finding the myriad of ways to bring others' ideas to life.
-Jeff Powers

Jeff currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta with his partner Megan Brown. He runs Jeff Powers Illustration out of his home studio.
Photograph by Megan Brown ©2010