Friday, January 18, 2013

Dude, Where's my Quantum Computer?

I was thinking the other day, how I wasn't really amazed by science in my lifetime. Previous generations have seen huge leaps in technology, but I was born during a tech boom. With a constant stream of small advancements it is harder to see the big things. It is like seeing your children everyday and their growth going less noticed, and seeing a nephew only once every few years and being amazed at the leaps in age. Maybe it's a bit of cynicism on my part, but I was trying to find those key amazing scientific break throughs of my time.
As a big SF reader, it is hard not to wonder why, in such a long literary tradition, we haven't seen half the things they have written about. I don't just mean, why do we not have the flying cars depicted in The Jetsons ( a show supposedly taking place in the 90s).
As I thought about this, I ran across this article which addressed the issue. While these aren't the huge leaps and amazing announcements I am really hoping for from science (to be honest, I am aware science doesn't quite work that way), but it did point out, in hind-sight, where SF had got it right, in the scientific discoveries of 2012.

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