Thursday, January 17, 2013

Between the Frames - R'ha

Hollywood gets a lot of things wrong with sci-fi these days. It is once in a blue moon that an SF film comes out with any real depth, power or originality (even with a literary tradition running back over a century and contemporary technology that would make just about any viable idea possible).
It has been a habit of mine to showcase small short films on Tentacle News, especially if they show filmmaking as I think it should be down in Hollywood. Perhaps these films will later grab the attention of some mainstream movie exec, or maybe they will all just slip under the radar, but you have to be impressed by the work of some of these artists.
This short is an animated SF film by a 22 year-old German digital film student. I am always amazed at the work some filmmakers achieve if you give them a bit of money, a decent desktop computer and a few years to just plug away at one specific vision. Check out the film R'ha to see what I am talking about.

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