Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bon Voyage

Well the last minute packing is still left to do, and there are still many more things on my list, but the final wheels are in motion. After a year that went by all too quickly, I am returning to the States. I have loved my time in Korea, and I still have thousands of photos to go through and share. I am heading on a brief backpacking excursion through southeast Asia before heading home on that long flight. So as I pack up my computer and ship it home, I will say see you soon to my readers. Tentacle News will take a brief hiatus while I am on my travels and getting settled back home. TN will return in the spring and summer with a site redesign, more articles and lots of art (including inside look at my final issue of A Drop of Blood). I will make a few micro posts along the way via Twitter so make sure you follow me there (I really hope they fix my live twitter stream on this blog, if not, it will be the first change when I get back). And until I see you again, here are some interesting articles to enjoy. Cheers everyone and thank you for support TN!

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Christi Powers said...

I hope this is not a picture of the backpack you bought for your trip to Cambodia, nor what you are sending back home with your Dad. LOL

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