Friday, January 1, 2016

Best of 2015

How can it possibly be the end of the year already?! This year has gone by so fast I don't even know what hit me. And a whirlwind year it has been. Filled with a lot of challenges and good times. Not as much painting and artwork as I really would have liked, but a rather successful year nonetheless. With so much going on as the holidays near, company coming to visit, juggling time between two families, planning Yule parties and get-togethers, even finding time to finish long promised projects. Well with only a few days left in the year, I finally have a few brief moments to finalize my list of the best things I enjoyed this year.

As per usual, this is not necessarily the best things from 2015, but merely things I discovered and immensely enjoyed this year. From movies, to shows, comics to games, there has been a lot going on. I failed to read as many books as I did last year (120), even counting all the numerous graphic novels this year, I will be happy to break 100.

Let's get to the list!

Live Action - Feature
Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
Honorable Mentions: Ant-Man (2015), The Martian (2015), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Documentary - Feature
Winner: Going Clear (2015)
Runner Up: Print the Legend (2015)
Honorable Mentions: Citizen Four (2014) and Jorodowsky's Dune (2013)

Animated - Feature
Winner: Inside Out (2015)
Runner Up: Minions (2015)

Live Action - Drama Series
Winner: Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Live Action - Comedy Series

Winner: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

Animated Series

Winner: Star Wars Rebels (Disney)
Runner Up: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Anime Series

Winner: One Punch Man (Viz)
Runner Up: Sailor Moon Crystal (Viz)

Music and Audio:
Artist of the Year
Winner: Halsey
Runner Up: Taylor Swift
Honorable Mention: Halestorm

Album of the Year
Winner: Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish (2015)
Runner Up: Adventure - Madeon (2015)

Winner: Welcome to Nightvale
Runner Up: No Such Thing as a Fish

Books and Comics:

Crime Fiction
Winner: Sins of the Father - Lawrence Block (1976)
Runner Up: Cadillac Jukebox - James Lee Burke (1996)
Honorable Mention: Blind Descent - Nevada Barr (1998)

Horror Fiction
Winner: Curse of the Wendigo - Rick Yancey (2010)

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Winner: Honor of the Queen - David Weber (1993)
Runner Up: Leviathan Wakes - James S A Corey (2011)
Honorable Mention: The Witcher series - Andrzej Sapkowski

Children's Fiction
Winner: Zita the Spacegirl series - Ben Hatke (2011)
Runner Up: Princess and the Pony - Kate Beaton (2015)

Winner: What If? - Randall Munroe (2014)
Runner Up: The Disappearing Spoon - Sam Kean (2010)

Winner: Giant Days (Boom)
Runner Up: Big Feminist But (Alternative Comics)
Meg's Pick: Nimona (Harper Collins)
Honorable Mention: Princess Princess

Tabletop Game
Winner: Steampunk Rally (Roxley)
Runner Up: Evolution (North Star Games)

Roleplaying Games
Winner: Deadlands (Pinnacle Entertainment)

Video Games -
Best RPG: Yokai Watch (3DS)
Best Action Game: Elite Dangerous (PC)
Best Artistic Game: Ori and the Blind Forest (PC)
Best Multiplayer: Monaco (PC)
Best Casual Game: Pokemon Picross (3DS)
Best Gaming Surprise: Rocket League (PC)

I hope you all enjoyed your 2015 as much as I did. Be sure to check out all these great recommendations, and if you have any awesome things I should check out in the new year, let me know in the comments! Have a fantastic new year!!

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