Friday, October 12, 2012

Adventures in Tourism: Sokcho Part 3

I couldn't fit all the temple and mountain top pictures I wanted to share into one post. So here is more:
This beautiful cat was asleep upon a litter of old firewood and discarded junk behind the temple's kitchens.

Ornate dragon stairs

Recovering from a really bad cold, and barely having a voice, I wasn't yet up for heavy hiking, so we opted for this easier means to get to the top of one of the peaks...Let's just say I was far from disappointed in my choice. It was perhaps the most beautiful scenery I have witnessed in Korea.

To the north you could see North Korea, and here, to the east, the far stretching view of the East Sea.

Amazingly delicious, and mouth scaldingly hot, sugar cakes. A great treat before hiking from the cable car station to the peak.

We arrived at the top, just in time for the sunset.

The very top, I steep summit only reachable by climbing up a rope.

The very top, where I watched this man keep warm from the cool wind by doing jumping jacks and lifting some free weights.

The full moon rises over the East Sea

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