Thursday, December 15, 2011

Furthest Reaches - One Step Closer

A lot has happened since I last took record of my journey eastward. I have finally found a school and the contracts have been signed. Preparations and paperwork pile up as we get closer and closer to my departure. While there is still much to do in the next two months, I cannot help but feel I am right at the doorstep of embarking. A year of planning has built to this and yet of all those months past, I feel the last number of weeks have perhaps been the most exciting as we really make progress. It all seems so very real now. No longer just a fun idea, but now the very real actuality of leaving everything behind for a new life and job in South Korea. I am as excited and elated as I am scared. It will be a new challenge that I take willingly. Knowing full well how difficult it will be.
This week I have prepared more paperwork and begun the dubious task of packing my things. Figuring out what I need to keep, what I need to give away, and what will ultimately be crammed into a few small bags and go with me. And while somethings will be tough decisions, others have not been (this guitar finds itself on and off the official list more times than I can count). And my lists have begun to fall into disorder as I try to keep track of it all. List after list being compiled. I swear my lists have lists (I'm not kidding).
But the biggest thing to happen lately was the bidding of fond fairwells to the people at my old job. I often get quite connected to the people I come to work with, and just like a few jobs in the past, it was tough to finally call it quits. But as I get closer, I decided I needed to make preparing for this trip, both mentally and physically, my full time job. It will also give me a bit of time with friends and family, some much needed stress free moments before I head to the other side of the world without them. And while leaving some people behind won't be too tough, others will be quite difficult. Sometimes you just get used to being around someone. Other times you actually get rather attached. So I will miss my fellow shoe-sellers, especially a boss that has felt more like a brother than a manager. But I will not lose contact with anyone. I have become used to moving around and saying goodbye. I collect acquaintances and friendships where ever I land.
I say that I am on to better things. And I know that to be true. I have committed myself not only to this particular new job. But to really grabbing life by the horns and taking in the ride. Life is full of excitement. Good or bad. Enjoy the trip while it lasts.

-From the journal of Jeff Powers

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