Thursday, November 3, 2011

Minimalist Philosophy

In the design world, we see a return to minimalism these days. As an illustrator I see it a lot in book cover design and other places. Rather than depicting something in the most detail, these minimalist takes on visual ideas leave nearly every detail out. They are pure design, beautiful, and from a conceptual stand point often very complicated to arrive at.
While cruising the internet reading my usual philosophy journals and various articles (for those who don't know, philosophy has always been a bit of a hobby and interest of mine), I found this blog post. It shows the entire recent series of works by London-based artist Gex (Genis Carreras). Each work is a minimalist design poster depicting one of the many schools of philosophical thought. Some designs are actually rather ingenious in their ability to capture the idea or principle concept in so little detail. Whole schools of thought are reduced down to the relationship between geometric shapes.
Normally this isn't the sort of thing I post. There is so much minimalist stuff out there right now, and to be honest, most of it I see and move on. But this really caught my attention for some time. Were I more of a design sorta guy, I'd look into trying to get a hold of that book. Each image has the name of the philosophical school and a brief description (though some are quite difficult to read, Wikipedia can help if you are unfamiliar with them). Check them out here: Minimalist Felsefe Posterleri

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