Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Between the Frames

Just wanted to share some trailers for upcoming films for next year. Two very different films. The first is a bit of a family affair. From the makers of Coraline, a very well done adaptation of the book, comes a new creepy little stop-motion flick. With less stuff seen from Aardman Studios these days, it is good to see others willing to keep traditional animation methods alive. To me, this is the real 3d animation. Anyway, this is a trailer for the humorous new flick ParaNorman, coming next August.

The second is one I am still surprised by. John Dies at the End, was one of my top picked books from the last few years. But the last thing I expected was a film adaptation. The book often falls into odd stream of conscious gonzo style writing as the author seems to trip out as often as the character's he is writing about. It's darkly comic, and so wonderfully twisted. The ending alone should be odd enough to see depicted on screen. If nothing else, its cool to see the choice of more practical FX over CGI and they don't seem ready to shy away from some of the really bizarre elements of the story. I can't wait for this hilarious head trip.

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