Friday, November 18, 2011

Furthest Reaches

Late last night, we received phone calls from a Korean school just outside of Seoul. This school has always looked promising to us since it was first presented to us a few weeks ago. After viewing our resumes and introduction videos they were interested in hiring us. Thus the late night phone calls (mid-day back in Korea). The interviews were strangely quick, and much more simple than the typical job interview. I have been told they are made to reinforce their decision to already hire you, but they want to hear you speak and get a little better glimpse of who you are. If anyone tells you first impressions don't matter, hasn't been through many job interviews. Let alone any like this. It was done in ten to twenty minutes and I was soon going back over my notes trying desperately to get to sleep. Though sleep has been fleeting in the past few weeks, I am feeling really confident about the prospects of this school and the realization that I am finally doing this is at last upon me. It is real and tangible now. We will know next week what their final decision is and where to go from here.
With all that has been going on here with work and what few art projects I have on the go, most of my time has been taken up with Operation: Korea 2012. But I am happy to dedicate so much of my time to it as I am completely serious about the endeavor and cannot wait for the adventure to begin. As the year winds down and my departure looms ever closer, the posts to TN may become a bit more sporadic. The ability to ready things to post everyday will become more difficult. But I will try my best, as putting together this blog has become a most enjoyable hobby for me. The regular art features may fade to more photographs and random internet finds. I appreciate everyone of my readers and thank them for their time. I hope they continue to enjoy the work I put into TN in the next coming months and into next year as I try to keep it interesting and fun, but also continue to use it as a reflection of my own life, my interests, and the adventures I undergo.
~Jeff Powers

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Megs said...

Oh! I won't jinx it by offering premature congratulations, but that is super exciting news Jeff! I hope everything works out just perfectly!

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