Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Shorts #12

Right after high school, I went on a summer long road trip with two of my cousins. Starting in Oklahoma, we travelled to Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and finally to San Diego California, before turning around and returning home. After a long day of slowly driving down the rocky peaks of Colorado we made our way into Arizona, and the mercury quickly began to rise. It would come to be one of the hottest summers I have ever been through (and trust me, you don't feel the heat until an entire night sleeping in a rather small car in the Nevada desert). Driving through the streets of Flagstaff, our breaks suddenly went out. Thankfully our car waited until we were out of the slopes of the Rockies, and thankfully the car we rear-ended belonged to another cousin of ours. The car trouble was a minor setback and soon to be the least of our worries. Though temporarily without a car, we still did our best to enjoy our time in Arizona. Upon the car's restored return we continued our journey westward. But soon we realized something was wrong. The car was filled with a horrible smell. A smell we could not seem to clear. It did not take much searching to find the source of the problem. At the time of the accident, a cooler sat in the trunk filled with snacks, luncheon meats and other things. Sitting unattended, without ice, in the over forty-five degree (Celsius) temperatures of the Arizona summer. Despite a humorous attempt at cleaning out the foul cooler, and scrubbing down the car, even filling the cab with multiple air fresheners, the "funk" just would not dissipate. Just when we would think it was gone, the horrible stench would once again arise from the vents of the air-conditioning. That entire trip will always be memorable, but the "funk" will stick in my mind for far too long.

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