Monday, October 17, 2011

Furthest Reaches - A Travelogue

So far, my voyage on the road to a new career has been rather stop and go. In fact my life is often like that. Filled with moments of excitement punctuated by periods of boredom. But I have learned to take t all in stride, taking pleasure in each moment, exciting or not. For a while I have been going through the long arduous process of filling out paperwork and waiting for documents in the mail. Trying to ensure I have everything I need.
Gone are the worries of whether or not I could go through with all of this, replaced with pure anticipation for what lie ahead. As I got closer and closer, however, I began to get discouraged that I was going to get anywhere soon. I had built up this unrealistic idea that I had to be out of this country by 2012. I needed to get to somewhere to make a fresh start. It wasn’t out of fear or aversion, but something far worse: boredom. I have grown tired of my job, and what I call a life. I certainly do not have it bad, but I am ready to move onto something more.
The thought of months of delays discouraged me, but I pressed on. Asking my boss at work for a little more time, but reduced hours. I needed time, but I wasn’t about to lose hope and fall back into the basic doldrums of everyday life. Excitement was still soon on my horizon.
And I wasn’t too far off, as calls have no begun to come in. Many hands and kind hearts have gone into the tedious task of preparing for this trip. No longer am I looking at months, but potentially weeks as my originally hoped for departure time becomes a possibility once again.
Excitement builds but so does the anxiety as I quickly rush to not only prepare everything to either be locked away in storage or taken abroad, but I also prepare myself for this new chapter in my life.


Dale said...

Glad to hear everything is taking a turn for the better! I'm really excited to hear about life is out in Asia. :-)

Jeff Powers said...

You will certainly get to know, I will fill you in on everything. As well as all the updates I put on here, I am sure this adventure will have a profound effect on my photography and art as well. It's gonna be amazing!

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