Sunday, June 26, 2011

Short Shorts #3

The highway I take to work has a speed limit of 55, but it is rare to see anyone doing less than 65. As I drove eastward, I was suddenly stuck behind a rather slow moving vehicle. Car and truck continued to pass me on the left-hand lane, as the dopey little car in front of me refused to surpass 40 mph. As the line of cars around me eventually moved on, I was finally able to move around and overtake the slow driver. Unsure why they would be moving so slow in an otherwise well-functioning car, I took a look at the driver as I passed. Perched against the wheel, happily facing the oncoming road, was a rather large dog. It sat atop the lap of an older woman as she blindly made her way down the highway. I'm not entirely sure that's how you use a seeing-eye dog.


Meg said...

Oh dear! Is this a true story?

Jeff Powers said...

very true strangely enough.

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