Monday, January 24, 2011

Tentacle Art

Though my fascinations and the purpose of this site go far beyond that of tentacles, I will always enjoy the random and enjoyable things both I and others find online involving those squirming appendages. With my plans to focus more of this blog toward my personal and professional artwork, that's not to say I won't continue to post the fun and weird pictures and articles strewn about the internets.
Now I don't encourage those faint of heart or unflinchingly open minded to take on the task of looking for tentacles (trust me there are somethings you cannot unsee). Today's collection of cool items comes via Ruby Tombstone, one of my few Twitter followers, who sent me this link. For those not familiar with Etsy, it's a site, somewhat like Ebay or other online seller, but focuses on promoting handmade and artistic materials.
My personal fave is the giant wall tentacle. Sadly as a struggling artist, I dont make that much money. But who wouldn't love that in their den!?

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