Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Site

My new portfolio site is up and running. Though still in a limited capacity, it is finally starting to take shape. I am just that much closer to feeling like a true professional.
I recently finished the "I Miss the Scene" series of drawings. A series I really enjoyed doing. Working with both a really hard graphic style, but yet really chaotic and free. They have been added to the new site, along with a new painting of a rather strange old couple.
I am continuing to search for new projects, with few on the go at the moment. A lot of low pay stuff, but it keeps the juices flowing and the hands busy. Along with the art, I have recently resurrected an old novel project. I am thinking of possibly posting parts of it on here each week. I think it would work well as it is written rather episodically.
Check out the portfolio, and stay tuned for more updates as I hope more happens.

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