Sunday, March 21, 2010

B Movie of the Week #3

This week: The Horror at Party Beach

Ever watched a classic 60s Beach Party film and thought to yourself, man I wish something would just crawl from the depths of the ocean and devour all of those bikini clad beach dancers? Well I have a feeling we aren't the only ones otherwise this film would never have been made. The Horrors at Party Beach is an all time favorite of mine, both for my love of kitsch beach scenes, and lovecraftian monsters. Hell it even has a great pajama party massacre.
The film opens with our main characters sharing a loving little conversation in their subtly abusive relationship. She doesn't need him, she can get all the men she wants. Yes this film shows us just how wonderful love can be. Before the characters develop too much however we cut to a rather choppy cross-fade transformation of a weird shell into some sort of skull/face thing. Okay to be honest, visually this scene makes little sense, but we understand the point. The monster of the film forms in about 20 seconds merely to advance the "plot" of this little gem. But lets not tarry too much on that for quickly we must return back to the beach.
The film then becomes one long music video as we are constantly "treated" to the musical melodies of the great beach band. Including their number 1 single, "The Zombie Stomp".
Ok, there really isn't much to this movie. Some dancing, some beach partying, even a little West-Side Story style brawl. In the end we do get some monster action, some cheesy innuendo, and probably some of the most promiscuous behavior seen on screen in the 1960s (after all Hitchcock's Psycho taught us that women can be sluts too).
This is great little movie, that's not too boring and has a good number of laughs. I highly recommend it, and the great movie that came out only months before it, Ray Dennis Steckler’s The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies.
This movie is available to view online at AMC's new B Movie site BMC. Enjoy my friends! And do the Zombie Stomp!

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John Kennedy said...

Hey, Raven this was an interesting read and I will seriously have to check it out. I am curious though why the stop in geoguys? That also being said I still very much enjoy your posted work on Deviant Art.... Although that being said I like the darker stuff that you made when you went to the RDC. Anyways hopefully all is going well for you and you haven't stopped making all the amazing art that I remember seeing walking through the college.

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