Sunday, January 24, 2010


So this is the first post of the brand and rediculously themed Tentacle News. So I had to pick a topic I found rather interesting to talk about in the first post. What ever could that be? Well something with tentacles, of course. One thing came to my mind. The Cuttlefish. Ten-legged bag of the ocean. (Cuttle coming from the Old English word 'cudele' meaning bag.)But I was I often spend my time doing. Why isn't it spelled Cuddlefish? I mean the thing is so darn cute.

But who the hell would cuddle with a fish? Okay, now that I read this...this is a terrible way to start this new blog. In all honesty we have really discussed nothing of value. Nothing was learned, and nothing was gained by reading this. Awesome! And so I suppose in closing I will just say: Keep your nose clean and your Squid Mustache trimmed. Squid Mustache!

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lmao nice, the site is awesome

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