Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Lost Calling - Alien Species

The twelve alien species that make up the Republic in The Lost Calling were not fully realized while I was working on the comic form of the story. In the early stages I had a basic idea for each of the races, but had not yet decided how they would fit into the story. They weren't fleshed out until I began work on adapting the setting to be used in a weekly roleplaying game with my friends. To help them visualize and understand their choices of possible alien races to play as, I needed to finally design these creatures. Each with a distinct evolutionary backstory and a timeline within the history of the Republic, they served as distinct alien races to populate my fictional galaxy.
Below are the original designs provided to my gaming group and currently used on the data entry pages in the Far Reaches wiki.

Not depicted are the humans, as no design sheet was immediately needed for them, and the Zygoshans, the sheep/goat minotaur - like creatures that were a late addition to the game setting. I needed a twelfth species (synths not included) to round out the Republic. I have small simple sketches of Zygoshans and their subspecies, but no official art as of yet. What began as a lesser species needed last minute for the game, has become one of my favorite species that has already been featured a few times in the novel.

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