Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Graphite Coalition

A few months back, I began a new project. Yes, I know, I often have far too many projects on the go. Well, I wanted to start a group related project to get other people involved. The core idea was to create a system of weekly themes, centered around popular culture and media. This would make for a light hearted, low pressure project to get people making art on a weekly basis. There were no limits. Submissions could be from a simple doodle done at work, to a week-long painting. Even CG and sculptural works were acceptable.
The project is entering its ninth week, and we have touched on some interesting and fun themes (which are all drawn randomly). Though turn out hasn't always been spectacular, I have kept the project going, ensuring there is an open opportunity for those interested.
I wanted to take a moment, on my lately neglected blog, to showcase some of the drawings I have made for this project. These are not for sale or done as promotion, and I do not own the rights to the characters or properties shown. These are merely done as artistic exercise and for fun.
I hope you enjoy the work, and for more on the Graphite Coalition, you can visit the group's page: The Graphite Coalition Project. If you are interested in joining the group, you can drop me an email request and I can set you up on our weekly mailing list.

USS Enterprise NC1701 - C

Druss the Legend
Home is the Sailor
Classic Movie Monsters
Back to the Future

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