Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tentacle News Shop!!

Do you like weird art? Do you like fancy original t-shirts that make your friends ask, "who are you wearing tonight"? Well now is your chance! My wife and I have been working hard to set up a brand new online store!
Cat iphone case
Check out the "SHOP" link on the left to be taken to our brand new shop that will slowly fill with new designs and products. The shop contains original artwork by me, Jeff Powers. These unique designs can be customized and put on various items and articles of clothing.
Ever wanted a t-rex on your tummy?
Many of these designs can be moved from one product to another. If you like the look of a tshirt design, why not try it on a cell phone case or a mug?

We will be adding more designs often. Everything from humorous new designs, to classic works of illustration that I have showcased on Tentacle News. Including the much loved, and often stolen, Absinthe poster designs.

Soon we will also make available art prints and drawings from my collection. So you can own an original Jeff Powers art poster or canvas print.

Purchasing from the TentacleNews Shop, not only helps you look cool, but also helps me as an artist and freelance illustrator. It also pushes me to make more cool things.

As new cool products and designs become available, I will try to take the time to showcase them here on the blog. And for anyone who follows my twitter, or my livestreams, I will post updates on new designs in progress.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for new products, or like a particular piece I have featured on Tentacle News, please feel free to let me know. We want to make available the products and designs that you guys want.

So check out the store regularly! And thanks for all your support!

(Note: for Absinthe products, be sure to remove the safe search feature from the store sidebar. These products do contain nudity and are hidden from the main store.)

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