Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pulp 101 - A New TN Series

Welcome to a new Tentacle News blog series. Pulp 101. Over the last few years, I have had great success and enjoyment working on my Lovecraft 101 series. But lately, I have struggled to find or think of interesting and new things to post on this blog. The recently it hit me.
I have been a long time fan of pulp literature. From the adventure stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs that I grew up on, to the hard-boiled crime fiction I deeply love today. I have always been inspired and obsessed with the pulps. Many people ask me about my reading tastes, and my love of this strange and almost left behind genre. Even readers of my blog ask about the pulps. What were they? Why do you like these simplistic stories of the dark and downtrodden, or the luridly un-politically correct tales of yesteryear. Well it is hard to really summarize all of that in a simple response. So I have gone a few steps further. Like my in-depth study of Lovecraft with my Lovecraft 101 posts, Pulp 101 will be a study of the genre spanning tales of the pulps. But it will be much more than a simple study of a few stories. I seek to feature articles by pulp fans and critics, show off some great stories that can be accessed in the public domain or in electronic formats. I even want to display some of the great art that came out of these works. The pulps have inspired a lot of our literary and popular culture. It can be seen in comics, movies and television. I want to dive into the deep end of studying what made the pulps so special, so controversial, and so addicting.
So watch for this regular feature, along with Lovecraft 101, to get your literary fix of weird fiction and the stories of twentieth century. I look forward to compiling and putting this series together, hopefully as much as any of you enjoy reading it.

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