Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Paint Sketches - Screenshot Exercises

A common exercise when I don't have much more important things on the go, doing quick paint sketches are a good way to spend an afternoon and continue to hone technique. Mostly I find them interesting exercises in composition and color theory, two things I find to be incredibly weak in my work.
A few artists and digital painting instructors often recommend an exercise they use to warm up or throw in some interesting practice. Rather than be pressed for what to draw or how to compose it, they grab images while watching great movies. These screengrabs then make for great reference. The goal is to not only paint what you see, but to work on visual color mixing (rather than using photoshop's ability to just pull the exact color), and to learn something from the way cinematographers compose a visually interesting shot.
With all my work packed up for my big move, I have filled a few moments of free time this week with attempting this exercise and it is actually a lot of fun. All the stress of trying to create something interesting is gone, and you still end up with an interesting result (which isn't always the case with most art exercises).
So with less and less to share in the busy weeks ending the year, I thought I would throw some of these together to share.
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