Friday, May 10, 2013

Dino Week - Sarcosuchus

Okay, I will admit, I took a lot of liberties with this one. I mostly wanted to draw another prehistoric croc, they seem so mobile and awesomely destructive. When researching Sarc, I found that scientists believe this large crocodiliform would have been able to take down large dinosaurs. Then I thought, man it would be cool to see it chowing down on some dromaeosaurs!
Sarcosuchus is the largest crocodiloform ever found, growing up to 12 meters in length. The first remains were found in the Sahara Desert in 1946. Since then skull fragments, scutes and teeth have been found, but it wasn't until 2000 that most of the skeleton became known. Paul Sereno, co-discoverer of Kaprosuchus, Laganosuchus and many other ancient crocs, found a nearly half intact skeleton. From the various finds over half a century, paleontologist have managed to piece together what was a predator of epic proportions.
In my drawing I have depicted Sarc attacking a pack of dromaeosauridae. This is hardly likely as Sarcosuchus was found in Africa and South America during the Early Cretaceous period. There have been very few raptor-like dinosaurs discovered in those areas. We also now know that most dromaeosaurs were very small and feathered, but sometimes, I just can't bring myself to draw feathery dinos.
So to end this Dino Week of sketches, I will give you this scientifically inaccurate drawing that was a helluva fun thing to draw.

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