Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Update - 5/19/13

I had planned to have a new Lovecraft 101 today and some other blog posts prepared for this week. But I guess I have gotten a little preoccupied. Between the work on the upcoming final issue of A Drop of Blood and all that that entails, since getting back home, I have had some more free time to work on personal projects. I will have new sketches and art to post soon, as well as the thousands of photographs from my recent travels. But I have also been pouring more time into completing my novel. A project that is quickly approaching 8 years of progress. I am determined to get the first draft of this complex project completed by the end of this year. It along with ADoB are among my most ambitious projects I have ever undertaken. Having both completed in the same year will be incredibly rewarding.
Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog. Stay tuned for more soon. Cheers!
-Jeff Powers

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