Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day. It is a UNESCO organized annual event to celebrate and promote literature and literacy. Today marks the birth and death of William Shakespeare, as well as the death of Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote, if you didn't know). So what better day to chose as the celebration of modern literature! Last night, many places celebrated World Book Night, a chance to explore new annually chosen selections of great works of literature. But today is the real event. So if you can, pick up a new book today, something you have never read, a recommendation from a friend, or that book you bought years ago but kept getting so busy to ever start. Find a book for yourself, lend a book to a friend who could use its inspiration, explore a new world with your kids. Take the time today to open a book.

 Here's some recent recommendations:
The Radioactive Redhead - John Zakour
The Ramayana - Ashok K Banker
Crusade - Taylor Anderson
The Republican War on Science - Chris Mooney
Lilith's Brood - Octavia E Butler
Things I Overhead While Talking to Myself - Alan Alda
A Diet of Treacle - Lawrence Block
The Righteous - Michael Wallace
Love is a Dog from Hell - Charles Bukowski
Tune in Tokyo - Tim Anderson
Hide Me Among the Graves - Tim Powers
WWW.Trilogy - Robert J Sawyer

But you don't have to take my word for it.

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