Thursday, November 8, 2012

Space...The Final Gaming Platform

I am a huge fan of indie gaming. I am also a big scifi fan, and miss the days of adventurous space operas. Sure we occasionally get them in gaming, but mostly in the form of weak storied first person shooters. Until the advent of the MMO, I have always wanted to play a game that was persistent, and like living in another world. Before gaming, I looked to pen and paper RPGs for this outlet. I would have thought with the popularity of the MMO platform we would start to see games that mirrored this dream. Sadly multiplayer gaming often fits into fairly simple formulaic gameplay that promotes basic leveling and attempts to keep you playing as long as possible. It seems a missed opportunity to ignore deep immersive story telling, and replace it with grinding.
Recently I came across a promotional video for Chris Roberts' new project. Yes, that Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander. He is once again working on a breakthrough new concept for a space themed game, that I think will blow the multiplayer gaming world apart. Check out his promo reel, and pitch video. You can also have a look at his site and even donate toward the Kickstart project. I hope this works to the fullest extent that Chris lays out in the video.
Though I have little time to play games like I'd like to these days, I would take a vacation just to play this one.

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