Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Sketchbook

Been trying my best to find some extra time to sketch and work on personal art lately. The creativity bug has bit me and I have a lot of ideas, but little time to exorcise them. For those familiar with some of my imagery from college, or any of my writing wouldn't find anything too new here. It is good to go back to old explored territory though. The work has been figurative and landscapish at most, reminiscient of my Weirdlands work.
I have no scanner here in Korea, so it's hard to really share much of it. I did manage to play around with some digital charcoal this morning and made this piece. Thought I would share it and at least have something else on the page for a while (sorry for the limited posts).
Pendunculus - First of the new Polymodal Children series. Jeff Powers © 2012

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Dale said...

This is just awesome!

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