Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Micro Apartments?

I saw this today on the "evening" news (morning news for me). It is about how Americans in some cities are being "forced" to downsize to smaller apartments and how difficult that is. Are we really so entitled? Why are we so obsessed with our things that we have such aversion and difficulty in living our lives in smaller spaces. Perhaps living in a smaller space would encourage more Americans to get off their butt, rather than laze around watching the latest American Idol results. I try not to sound too bitter, but in all honesty it's rather ridiculous. Sure you cannot fit a family of four in a tiny apartment, but for many this shouldn't be so hard. In the larger scheme of things, we should consider ourselves lucky to have anything. The wide open spaces and huge plots of land typical for the "American Dream" are not a right, but a privilege for some...if they want it.
I'd encourage some travel to see how the rest of the world lives. I don't just mean the poor and impoverished countries. I am not playing the starving children card, but seriously there are many places with people far happier with less.
I for one feel I am going to find it hard moving into a larger place, with more room to store needless junk. For the record, I live in a single room, kitchen/bedroom apartment, roughly 140 square feet.

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Meg said...

I've been reading similar stories about Canada recently. They cite reasons like affordable housing, mortgage rates, and encouragement from the banks and the CMHC (the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation). It kind of makes me sick to hear how much debt we are accumulating as a whole because we want to live the American/ Canadian dream of living bigger and 'better'. Living small isn't so bad. Less stuff, less room for more stuff, less to clean and keep up, less waste = more free time to do other things and money to do them in a healthier environment.

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