Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nikola Tesla or Why I Stopped Believing Textbooks

I was talking with a friend here in Korea about great men in history. The topic of Edison came up and I had to voice my opinion of the man. Everyone at the table was shocked as Megan and I revealed the true life of the "revered" inventor. I thought I would drag that late night bar conversation onto my blog by posting one of my favorite articles from The Oatmeal. For those not familiar, The Oatmeal is a webcomic blog ranting about everything from the interesting to the mundane.
Warning: The Oatmeal occasionally contains foul language and may not be appropriate for all readers.


Dale said...

It's interesting how genius is always redeemed later, after the person is gone. It seems that whenever a truly remarkable person arrives, the world tries to shut them down then realizes its error later.

Dale said...

Also, that captcha system is one of the most difficult I've had to deal with :-P

Jeff Powers said...

Oy I agree, it doesn't do much to invite comments.

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