Monday, April 23, 2012

Lovecraft 101 - H. P. Podcraft

I am not the only one to take on the Great Lovecraft Reread. In fact two guys have practically made a job out of it. And in my opinion do a much better job at it than I ever could. I have been a fan of for a while now. And they go into far more detail than I ever will. So after you read the stories, and check out my take, maybe have a listen to their side of things too. They are often quite hilarious. Strangely enough it was not their work that made me think to do this in the first place (I have not really thought about them in a good long while). It was actually the Tor newsletter and their ongoing rereads that made me think of it. And though with so many other people having done something similar, it would seem that Lovecraft 101 is a bit redundant, but this was a personal challenge to read, write about, and illustrate the works of Lovecraft. The fact that I share it with my blog readers is really secondary to my personal goal of just doing it.
So check them out at or on itunes, and of course check out Tor’s rereads of other great series, but make sure to at least come back to TN for some cool pictures.

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