Friday, February 3, 2012


It isn't too often I post on something rather serious. I do that on purpose, and while I will post cartoons that are a bit sad, or short films that are a bit poignant even art that can be a bit dark, it's not often I tough on things that really matter. Doing what we can to preserve our fragile environment and protect what is left of our biodiversity is not only important, but very dear to my own heart. Below is a video trailer for a book called RARE. A project about photographing endangered animals to both document their existence before they are gone, but more importantly to raise awareness of their plight. (Though I often take issue with these sorts of things as they focus on saving the cute cuddly creatures while it being alright to exterminate the "icky" ones.) Also I thought to include some links to other organizations, charities and further info. I return you back to your usual programming, thank you.

The African Wildlife Foundation
Bat Conservation International
Sea Turtle Conservatory
Endangered Insects via Endangered Species International
Earth's Endangered

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