Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Work of Chiara Bautista

Artist Chiara Baustista creates some amazing works. Each filled with a visual language so deep you cannot help but question what they are all about. Sadly, everyone will keep on wondering. She is a very elusive person, and a rather private artist. She claims she creates art for no one but herself. And as one blogger who actually got a chance to talk to her said, "...her work is pure, and is created for her own personal benefit, because she needs it on a deeply personal level. The corrupting factors of commoditization, commercialization, and asking money for the work does not factor into her artwork at all. By this token, she is again unlike any other artist we've ever met, who even as the most minute levels acknowledge these kinds of things do affect them." (From an article posted on Urban Muse)
And while I respect the intense desire for privacy, the visual artist, who works for an Arizona newspaper by day, is so elusive I cannot help but want more of her work because of it. And with so much talent and an incredible use of visual language, I am shocked any artist could overcome some basic desire to share it with the world.
I do not know how or why the images that are available even exist, if they were leaked, or are but a small sampling perhaps begged by others to be brought out of the secrecy of her private portfolio. Such strange unexplained and hauntingly beautiful images cannot help but seem all the more mysterious with her tight lips. And so perhaps for that reason we love them all the more.
It took me a while to find what info and images I could to share. I hope they are as enjoyable to you as they are to me. And look into more on this very elusive but incredibly talented young artist.
More images after the jump.

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