Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Save the Pacific Tree Octopus

I found this site about a year ago and somehow it managed to slip through the cracks and never get its due spotlight on this site. It is a spinoff site by Lyle Zapato, creator of the Zapato Productions Intradimensional blog (ZPI for short). What I can only imagine started as a simple joke, turned into a wonderfully entertaining site and blog. Parodying cryptozoology, pop-culture and even just the outlandish idea of blogging in general, reading the random posts related to the ever elusive Tree Octopus makes for some great entertainment.
The site is laid out like a simple cryptozoology page, with references, sightings and general info. My personal favorite parts are the fact that his blog update list is called "Cephalonews" (sorta catchy huh?) and the fact that it is one of the few times I have seen reference to one of my favorite scenes in 80s cartooning (when He-Man is attacked by a blue octopus on the planet Trollo).
The site has expanded to huge proportions (they now have merchandise!). It is a hilarious bit of tongue in cheek humor that is always a joy to find on the internet. 
Check out the site, and while your at it, look at the rest of the crazy stuff Mr. Zapato gets himself into.

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