Friday, January 27, 2012

Is Piracy Really the Problem?

Piracy is a hot button issue these days. Even I changed the look of TN in support of stopping SOPA. I am not saying I support piracy or theft, as a creator and artist I understand completely how import things like intellectual property can be. However, I also understand how somethings just need to change. And perhaps many artists and creators out there would prefer to deal with a million pirates, if it meant thousands more people notice them that wouldn't have otherwise.
David Brothers over at ComicAlliance, posted a fantastic editorial on the state of piracy, especially as it pertains to the comic book industry. He is a writer I have come to quite appreciate, but I respect him even further because of this wonderfully written article. He lays out some great points that piracy is not the downfall of the entertainment industry as it is so often purported to be. If this issues interests you at all, take a moment to read his article, it is far more cleverly put together than you will see usually posted on TN.

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