Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Sketchbook (12/17/11)

Hopefully everyone isn't tired of these. But I have been doing a lot more model drawing lately, and I feel it has really improved my other works. This week I was playing a lot with the Reilly method of rendering. It's rather simple and not that far off from the way I tend to work. Anyway this is three sketches I did the other day. I promise something different next week (dinosaurs perhaps? lol).


Meg said...

I say, if you are into the model drawing right now, what about a happy exciting pose? But I'd be happy with a happy excited Dino just as well :)

Jeff Powers said...

People who are happy move too much. Lol. And I dunno I found these poses somewhat exciting. But ok, exciting happier stuff to come, I swear!

Meg said...


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