Friday, December 23, 2011

New Absinthe Posters

I feel like I have been working on these things for ages, scribbling in little bits on each one between work on my usual projects. I am happy I finally got atleast two of them done. So I thought I would share them as I usually do. Hope everyone enjoys their weirdness.
I was looking at some old graphic design stuff, and I was inspired by some old Absinthe posters and the weird sort of mythology that had evolved around the drink as it has fallen in and out of banishment. And though it is now legal again in the US (a rather unpleasant drink if you ask me) it has very strict laws that govern how it is to be advertised and labelled. So I thought I would break those rules and make something a little more old school. An odd melding of the original Victorian era images, art nouveau design and the strangely surreal stuff of some of my older work. It was a lot of fun to revisit ideas and imagery I haven't really played with in a few years.
Illustration by Jeff Powers © 2011
Illustration by Jeff Powers © 2011
Update!! These designs are now available for sale at the TentacleNews Shop! They are available on a number of products and items. Check all of my Absinthe related products here: Tentacle News Absinthe
(Note: These items do contain nudity and are hidden from the main shop. Please change the content filter on the store sidebar to view these items.)
For a direct link to the products, click below:
Absinthe I - Men's Shirt (Maroon, Green, Black)
Absinthe I - Ladies Shirt (White)
Absinthe I - Poster
Absinthe II - Shirt (Blue)
Absinthe Ordinaire - Laptop Skin

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