Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Cthulhu Christmas

For those who know me, I am not really one for the winter holidays. And before you start giving me the usual "bah-humbugs" I hear every year, let me be clear, it isn't an animosity toward Christmas as much as just a general disinterest in holidays all together. If I don't believe in the reason for a tradition, I am hardly likely to follow it blindly (I am not one to celebrate tradition for tradition sake).
So this, what might be the only Christmas post of the year, comes from our good friends over at Tor Publishing. The blogs, short stories and other features from Tor get featured regularly on TN so if you want more, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

As if in attempt to garner some interest in the winter festivities, Stacey Brook has put together her Lovecraftian Gift Guide. From Cthulhu Christmas ornaments to a bizarrely sexy white dress (not that I could see anyone actually wearing a white dress of any kind). My personal faves are the tentacled ties and the wonderful little chopstick holders.

Holiday Gift Guide: AVery Cthulhu Christmas

*UPDATE* - I just purchased one of the ties. Not because I need more ties, but because I just couldn't resist how awesome they are. 

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