Sunday, November 13, 2011

Short Shorts #15

I have never been one for sports. In fact, for much of my life I have had far less than an interest in organized sports. I have however always had a fascination with games, a very subtle distinction lying between the two. In high school, I and a bunch of friends created a horribly strange version of golf. Yes, golf. Often maligned as one of the most boring sports on record (and I'd be likely to agree), we decided to take this old game and liven it up for stupid self-endangering young tastes. Equipment was simple, you needed a set number of brightly colored balls, a single iron of your choosing, and a helmet. An athletic cup was not required, but we all knew many of us were sporting them each afternoon. The game had harsh penalties for breaking rules, or just having horrible luck. The worst penalty being that you had to stand ten feet in front of the next person's shot. All in all, the main goal was merely to get your ball from the starting line to the end zone first. The challenge? The game was entirely played in the thick underbrush of the woods. And so it came to be known as ATG. All-Terrain Golf.

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