Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Sketchbook (11/26/11)

I have had to neglect my artistic duties the past week or so, due to all the upcoming work on getting things ready to move to Korea at the beginning of the year. So I haven't been doing a lot of free drawing or warmups like I should. As a result there has been little art to share with you guys. But I did remember I had this fun little paint study I did of a Brachylophosaurus-like dino. Nicknamed Elvis (though that will always remind me of the little T-Rex from the Prehysteria movie of my childhood). Upon a second review, I probably should have been working closer with some skeletal references as I didn't seem to add the distinct head crest that gives the creature its name.
Artwork copyright of Jeff Powers ©2011
As work and other things finally wind down I will be able to give more attention to my art and this fun little blog. More artwork, sketches, and photos soon, I promise.

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