Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Between the Frames

Two computer animated shorts this week. Thought the first was a little sweet, but I loved the style of the animation. The pencil like gesture lines to the fantastic sense of lighting depicting the passage of time.

Blik from Polder Animation on Vimeo.

The second is a rather humorous animation from Korea (soon to be my new home). I laughed, this is me somedays, I really struggle to get out of bed, and despite multiple alarms, it is always a task. As with most 3d animation, there are always a few technical things that impress me. Having once struggled down the path in hopes to become an animator, I quickly realized it required a level of patience, skill, and analytic logic mode of thinking I just didn't possess. Thankfully I abandoned that career choice long enough ago to focus on other pursuits, namely illustration.

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