Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Animated Shorts...

First up: a history lesson. This is a breath-taking animated film depicting the entirety of Poland's history. It debuted at Expo 2010. If you are a history buff like me, or understand the complexities of 3d animation, this will blow you away.

The Polish history(2010 Shanghai Expo) from Lotuspole on Vimeo.

With my love of noir films and pulp detective novels, I had to share this one. It is a short film introduction to the Palm Springs International ShortFest, but its also a great piece of 2d animation.

And finally...terrible singing, lo-fi music, and wonderfully bizarre animation that will leave you wondering WTF? I can't yet decide if this is fantastically brilliant or horribly stupid (and I have watched it 6 times!).

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MeganBrown said...

First one, lovely, second, very good, third... Kristin Lepore did that, it's fantastic, her stop motion piece Sweet Dreams is one of my favorite shorts.

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