Sunday, October 23, 2011

Short Shorts #13

One summer, when my cousin was visiting, we decided to go and hang out with some girls I knew from school. We had done the local fair, and were looking for something of interest to do around the neighborhood. We walked a number of blocks to the nearby shopping center to goof around. Grabbing a couple shakes at the Dairy Queen, and leaving before our raucous laughter wore out our welcome. Walking over to the Co-op, we began meandering the aisles. Now my cousins would often keep tabs on each other during trips, or when spread apart at home, using walkie-talkies. Not the cheap toys we all had as kids, but decent, long range radios. Being the boyish trouble-makers we were, we covertly tucked one of these radios behind a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal. Stowed away in the next aisle we waited for some unsuspecting shopper to come around. As an old lady approached, reaching for a box of her own cereal, we spoke into the radio, with a poor Scottish accent.
"Help me, it's da cap'n! I'm stuck in da box o'Crunch!"
It gave the woman a start and she nearly dropped her own box, looking around the empty aisle to see if anyone else had heard the sound. Not strangely enough, we were soon forced to pick up our radios and ejected from the store. Our departure was hardly our concern as we laughed and moved on to other adventures. But I often wonder if anyone did stop to help the captain.

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