Friday, October 21, 2011

New Post Headers!

I have at some brief free time to start work on some personal projects of mine. But the first thing I wanted to get done was some new graphic work for the blog. So I finally got a chance to do up some final work based on a few sketches I threw together months ago.
TN will get a few minor changes in the weekly posts. Namely, you will now see these fancy new graphic headers for your favorite recurring posts.Tentacle Tuesdays and Saturday Sketchbook will carry these shiny new banners, along with the new Off The Rack feature, which will contain reviews, editorials and news from the world of genre lit, comics and whatever else I have been reading.

The weekly animated shorts feature will change to the new Between the Frames, a collection of not only the usual finds of animated short films, but other things I find interesting connected to film media.

And finally, as my exciting new adventure of moving to Asia comes ever closer, more and more will I feature writings from my travelogue. The Furthest Reaches, is a long winded and more than likely boring travelogue of my journey. I have begun including excerpts from this journal to not only add some breadth to my personal blog, but as an interesting way to inform family and friends of my adventures away from home.

I hope you will all enjoy these features, and the work I put into this blog. If you do, please share it with others, subscribe to the feed, or simply comment on one of the posts. Thank you all.
~Jeff Powers

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