Sunday, September 4, 2011

Short Shorts #11

When I was seven years old I enjoyed the cartoon series  Darkwing Duck. A purple clothed, masked duck who would protect the streets of a large city in the same fictional universe as the classic Duck Tales series (I still to this day wonder why Donald, Scrooge or any of the nephews never made a guest appearance). After a few years of loyal following, I saw a chance to receive an official DW magnifying glass by sending away boxtops from my favorite cereal. Though it was nothing like the one depicted in the television series, I loved this bulky, oversized lens. The purple plastic toy enjoying many hours as I pretended to be the Great Mouse Detective or spent a Saturday nearly blinding myself as I burned holes into paper and blocks of wood. I kept that dopey magnifying lens all those years, until finally giving it to a Salvation Army when I went away to college.

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