Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conan is Here!

I am not usually a summer movie fan. But I am a Robert E Howard fan. From my complete collection of his entire literary works, to stacks of hundreds of Conan and Solomon Kane comics, I am a die-hard fan. So to say I have been waiting like a kid for Christmas when it comes to the new Conan movie is an understatement. All us fans had our hesitancies and not without warrant (I mean have you seen the original Conan films?). When the film was announced I will admit I was actually more excited about the news of Red Nails, the animated adaptation of the Conan story of the same name. But as more and more footage and information was released for the new Conan reboot, I couldn't hold back my excitement.
But there was one major worry that bounced around in my head. Summer movies, especially recently, have been PG-13 fares. Studios want the largest audience. And if there is a better candidate for a goaled PG-13 rating its a big budget fantasy epic. But if you have read Conan, you know, this is not kiddie stuff. Well Conan actually has its R rating, and though the trailers were epic in scale, and exciting in their action, they told us nothing on the depth of their Howardness. Rest assured. This recent, fan-made trailer shows that Conan lives up to its inspiration and proves that a violent, angry, sword weilding, magic hating, anti-hero is everything but Safe For Work. Check it out!

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