Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update 5/8/11

So it has been some time since I have posted anything. Always the case when I make promises to regularly update things. But the past number of weeks have been rather busy. And while that is not fully my excuse, I am not claiming I haven't had the time to write, it has been rather difficult to find a chance to post. I try to write everyday. Something I more or less struggle at as well as I do pushing myself to draw everyday (not just when I have projects to work on). I do find opportunity to write, and to be honest I have written quite a bit. But it has all been garbage. So here is a bit of an update on what has been going on in my life in lieu of actual writing. (I work hard but who says I can't find ways to do things half-assed.)
Everytime I write I struggle to find things even worth writing about. Otherwise they turn into these endless ramblings or, as of lately, they become rants on subjects even I am not that worked up about. I have written on public etiquette in regards to new technology, a discussion on recent events in comics, and a few book reviews (which may still get shared after some revision). But in all honesty, though very few people read this blog, the end results of these writing exercises has produced less than interesting reading. And if I don't want to read it, why would I expect anyone else to.
So what has been so important that I have left my beloved Tentacle News out in the wind lately? Well work as always takes up a lot of my time. I recently finished work on an upcoming self-help/spiritual genre book. The cartoon style illustrations were fun to do, though the work was long and tiring, and I am happy with the end result. And of course my work on A Drop of Blood still continues steadily along. (Actually my work on this title has begun to perk my interest once again as I get to work on the more fantastic elements of the story.)
In other updates, I recently gave a visiting artist talk to some high school students. I was rather nervous going in, struggling to create a decent presentation that neither bored nor seemed too pretentious. There must be a word for the fear of being pretentious and obnoxious all the time. That realization, that while probably not at all true or perceived by any other party, that suddenly makes you shut up half way through talking. The lectures went well, and I met many nice aspiring artists, struggling high school students, and apathetic seniors ready to just get the hell out of there. I have to say I can relate to all three.
While my art winds down for a bit, not taking on new jobs, I grow closer to starting back at school. Not a full litany of classes, but school none-the-less. I have become so incredibly enamored with the idea of going overseas to teach and live that I am finally going to actually take the steps to do so. A seed planted by my girlfriend, its something most I have talked to were not surprised I was doing. So as I prepare for the workload of a crash course in a few weeks, I grow ever more excited for the potential this new path in my life could take. You will see this become a major element of this blog. As I use it to communicate with the rest of the world my adventures abroad as an artist and soon as a teacher.
And finally in recent news: a long while back I was talking with a friend and old co-worker about my reading habits. Anyone who has known me since the age of about 12 could tell you that my habits are a bit insatiable. Often borderline addiction, I will neglect more important tasks at times for an opportunity to devour a book. This friend challenged me that I could not read 300+ books in less than 2 years. This is a challenge I have taken on before. In high school I took on a similar one from the drummer in my band. Though it was slightly reduced (only 100 books in one calendar year) its a sizable task to take on. I am not sure my friends often understand how seriously I take on challenges, especially of this sort. Simple rules always apply. Comics and graphic novels do not count. Books must be read in their entirety from beginning to end. And all included works must be at minimum 200 pages (what I would consider the shortest amount without constituting a novella, though works are usually measures in word counts). This also then eliminates the short children's books I read for a pen-pal mentoring program I am a part of called In 2 Books, which helps propagate a love of reading in school children. With about 6 months remaining in the challenge I sit with only 63 books remaining (62 by the end of this day). And so I sit with a fresh stack of paperbacks ranging from obtuse non-fiction subjects to long winded fictional epics (well established series help with these challenges) and a fully stocked kindle, I push onward fully confident I will complete this challenge. The first time I attempted a challenge of this sort, the one back in high school, I made it nearly to the end of the 98th book when the clock ran out. I have always wanted to attempt it again. I am determined not to fall short again. Ironically enough, since the first challenge I probably read atleast 100 books every year. But it's just not the same without the external challenge. There is something to be said for setting goals.
And now that I have bored anyone reading this to absolute tears, I go back to my work and my life. With promises once again that something worth reading is well on the way. Cheers.

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