Monday, April 19, 2010

B Movie of the Week #4

A bit of delay for the B-Movie this week, been a bit caught up with a few potential work projects and a bit of a romantic distraction. Anyway on with the movie this week. The classic:
Zombi 3

This is perhaps one of my favorite shlock films. Filled with the grotesque gore, pointless nudity and ridiculous plot that Lucio Fulci is known for, it is probably one of the funniest zombie films ever made.
Much like its predecesor, Zombi 3 takes place on an island filled with the evil dead. And while it lacks the visual flair of a zombie fighting a shark, it has its own charms. Most notable is of course its brilliant dialogue. The clash is on, not only between humans and the living dead, but between scientists and the military forces that have charge over them, contracting them to build a super virus. All leading to horrible consequences. And as one scientist screams, "When you had us create this virus, why didn't you tell us this could happen!?" Sure signs of a well educated scientist if I ever saw them.
Of course the terrible acting and straining dialogue delivery is only icing on the cake for this film. It also features many of the most grotesque and most humorous visual effects in horror history. The funniest and most unexpected moment of course being the memorable 'head in the fridge' scene. While we have seen decapitated heads stored in fridges before, rarely do they come flying across the room when opening the door to look for a refreshing bottle of Yoohoo. Heads on strings zipping at the camera, undead pigeons on a wire whipped on screen by technicians with fishing poles, are just some of the most hilariously fun activities that push this film along at a much faster pace than Fulci's earlier island romp. 
Sadly I could not find an online copy of this film to share. I highly recommend the dvd as it has some great features and rather campy commentary tracks. I did manage to find a video that someone on  youtube skillfuly made as a scaled down edited version of the film. Reducing it to about 20 minutes. Enjoy.

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