Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Save MonsterQuest!

Do your part! Sadly History Channel, owned by A&E, may not be renewing their show on the search for cryptids. Maybe you can help!

While I enjoy the show, I still have problems with parts of it. Mostly that it has removed a lot of the history part of its program. Sadly this has become the trend for documentary channels like Discovery and History. Apart from Discovery Sunday, Discovery channel is now home to mostly reality tv shows. Unfortunately History seems headed in the same direction. With the growing popularity of shows like Axmen, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers, will History soon suffer the same fate as Discovery? Does A&E have premium History channels ready as backup, as Discovery did. When the cable channel faded into reality tv reruns, Discovery released a number of specialty channels that feature more of the documentaries us early Discovery fans enjoy. I am not so sure History is planning to take this route.
Now I understand the importance of ratings and garnering advertising dollars, but please lets keep something intellectually stimulating on television. I am running out of things to watch all too quickly. Back to MQ though. As a fan of the idea of cryptids and secret monsters, this show does entertain me (despite it falling into the category of shows I just talked about). Cryptids are just a cool topic, and having a show that goes in depth about one of these a week is great. Hell I even watch the terrible Lost Tapes for this reason.
If anyone out there cares at all about getting this show renewed for a 5th season, help out. Let History and A&E know that you want more Monsters!
You can go to this site: History Channel Contact
Let them know!!

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